What is L-theanine

Stress in the culprit for numerous emerging lifestyle diseases today. Too much activity in the brain leads to anxiety which will then turn to sleeplessness or insomnia. One of the predisposing factors of depression is insomnia, and in worst case scenario, depression can actually pilot the person to commit suicide. Nowadays, almost every one of us knows a person suffering from the above the mentioned condition, and if we are going to trace back for the etiology of these diseases, we will be lead the origin of everything which is, stress. Stress is a normal part of our life; actually, stress in mild levels is considered healthy, because it motivates us and gives us the energy to cope with life stressors. However, too much stress is already detrimental both to physical and psychological health. A person cannot anymore function efficiently if he is experiencing too much stress.  Stress, anxiety and depression are now considered an epidemic since they are affecting great number of population both young and old. Prescription medications are usually used to remedy the problem. News about over dosage and abuse of these medications are not uncommon. Harmful side effects also came to the scene especially for people who used these drugs for long period of time. One of the unwanted effects of these medications includes liver damage and dependence making the lives of these people impossible without the use of the drugs. Adjunctive therapies like herbal medicines were also tried, but though plant based, they are not considered risk free since they seemed to interact with some prescription drugs. They also produce unwanted side effects for the body.

Due to extensive studies about the benefits of green tea, scientists were able to uncover the hidden gem in green tea, the L-Theanine. It is said to be the answer for the long search of remedy for anxiety and other stress related condition. The term L-theanine, was first coined on 1978 by Dr. R. L. Wickremasinghe. L-theanine is the dominant amino acid in green tea leaf. When they started to study this compound, they were able to find a lot of beneficial side effects, particularly to the nervous and immune systems. This amino acid is said to have calming effects in the brain, promoting sleep and deep state of relaxation, but unlike synthetic drugs, L-Theanine doesn’t cause too much sedation. In fact, it increases mental clarity. There are some studies who say that the calming effect of green tea is similar to meditation. The substance also serves to protect the brain and restore its normal function. It also improves attention span and learning. So if you want to do well in your studies, why don’t you drink a cup of green tea daily? L-theanine is potentially beneficial for those people suffering from smoking and nicotine addiction. Menopause is a period in woman’s life where they experience a lot of uncomfortable symptoms related to hormonal changes. L-theanine is said to alleviate signs and symptoms experienced during premenopausal or menopausal period. It also strengthens the immune system making the body more capable of fighting any forms of diseases. How does L-theanine work to produce all these health wonders? According to the result of extensive studies, L-theanine enhances the production of alpha waves in the brain and influences the formation of an inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain called Gamma Amino Butyric Acid (GABA). There is little information known about the side effects of L-theanine, so if you are suffering from any chronic diseases, it’s still much better to ask help from your doctor.

The L-theanine content in green tea may vary, but experts says that drinking 6-8 cups of green tea will give you 200-400 mg of L-theanine, an amount which is already enough to produce beneficial side effects.


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