The Art in Drinking Green Tea

Can you still see the beautiful and artfully made tea pots and tea cups in your grandmothers’ cabinet?  Were you not fascinated by the beauty and intrigued by the history behind it? Tea wares doesn’t only signify  rich Asian culture, but it also tells a story about, how consumption of green tea has evolved and created a gorgeous form of art, many years ago, the elaborate art of tea pots and tea cup making. According to a reliable source, history of tea wares officially begun during Han dynasty. During this period, tea was not served from tea cups, but rather it is brewed and at the same time, served in bowls. The bowl is not used for tea boiling alone, but rather, it is also used for other cooking needs. At that time, the tea is more of a medicine, than a drink which can be enjoyed on a daily basis. Real tea pots were conceptualized during the song dynasty. It was evidenced by archeological findings, since archeologists were able to discover remnants of Yixing tea pot. During the song dynasty, tea pots, along with tea bowls are glazed in plain colors brown, blue and black. Tea became China’s national drink during the Tang dynasty. There are many tea sets created during the Ming dynasty still survive up to these days. It was also during this period that notable changes in tea preparation occurred, with the accompanying evolution of tea wares. Stylistic tea wares were born to complement the light color of the tea. They do away from plain design by decorating the tea wares with various popular designs and motif. Due to trade relations among different countries, tea wares reached the western countries. Different countries tried to create and refine tea wares and tea cups. The tea ware became highly prized and the art was patronized by the wealthy people. Silver tea pots were also conceptualized in the western society as early as 1627. Six- piece tea set came during the time of Queen Victoria since, sugar, creamer and other implements was incorporated as part of tea drinking.

You can appreciate drinking green tea better if it is complemented with striking and mysterious tea wares. So establish the habit of tea drinking now, because you will be able to appreciate the art form in it. The aesthetics of your tea cups and tea wares might add to the healing effect of green tea, because as you know, art forms have therapeutic value too.


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