Tea Smoothies

Green tea is one of the most nutritious drinks in the world. It contains various substances which are unquestionably beneficial for the health. For avid tea drinker, brewing a cup of tea is just made simple by using their traditional way of preparation using tea pot and pouring hot water. Other people prefer it cold. Just the flavor of plain green tea satisfies their senses and they enjoy not only the tang, but sip of health benefits as well. Not everybody likes the taste of green tea, but from the knowledge, researches and studies you’ve read and based from testimonies of other people, you might have been encouraged to try this nutritious drink. Well, we surely have recommendations for you, because we’re going to suggest ways on how to add twist to your green tea drink. Making green tea smoothie is one of the ways to get most of the health benefits from green tea while at the same time, enjoying the taste of the refreshing smoothie. Powdered green tea as well as green tea brewed from tea bags can be used as a main ingredient. Smoothies are blend of green tea plus other ingredients like crushed ice, milk, honey or other ingredients compatible to your mixture. It is usually sweetened making it more palatable. If you are consuming a powdered tea, you can just add sprinkle to your blend, but if you are using tea bags, you have to brew it first and then chill it thereafter, before adding it in liquid form to all the other ingredients. The flavor of green tea blends well with other ingredients so it will not be that hard to find the right combinations of taste.

Here’s one of the easiest ways of preparing green tea smoothie: Prepare all the ingredients which includes the following, one piece large peach, half portion of a banana, a bag of green tea, half cup of ice cubes and then honey to sweetened the mixture. Slice and pit the peach first and then peel the banana and cut it into half. You may keep the other half inside the refrigerator. After which, brew  tea bag to around 200 ml of water in order to produce around ½ cup of green tea. You can either place ice cubes or put the brewed green tea leaves inside the refrigerator in order to chill it. You only have to blend all the ingredients with green tea until it smoothens. After just enough blending, add honey in order to produce the desired sweet taste. You can now enjoy all the benefits you can get from a simple tea cup, while at the same time enjoying the fruit and other ingredients in your cup. You can also use other fruits like kiwi, watermelon, pineapple and any fruit of your choice. There are a lot of ways in order to enjoy a nutritious green tea treat. You just have to use your creative mind and create a blend which will suit your taste buds.


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