Do Tea Bags Expire

You might have been overly fascinated by green tea, knowing its benefits to your health, which is why you hoarded boxes of this product from the supermarket, and now, you are problematic since you don’t have an idea about the shelf life of green tea and how can it be stored properly in order to stay fresh. This is one thing that you have to keep in mind: “Green Tea doesn’t stay green for a very long time”. Considering the manner by which it was processed, green tea can be stored at a reasonably short time. Green was processed in order to retain most of the beneficial antioxidants, but the drawback is, it can’t be stored for long periods. Typically, green tea can be stored for about 6 month if it’s left unopened and drops to 2-3 month one it has been opened for consumption .Freshness is a very important factor to consider in the use of green tea, because it affects the flavor as well as the overall quality of the product. A pack of green tea which was stored longer than the recommended shelf life loses its distinct flavor and it will not really taste good as compared to the fresh ones. Expired green tea must not be consumed since there might already harbored some contaminants in the product. The manner of storage must also be given attention, since it also affects the quality of the tea. The overall storage condition must be favorable in order to keep the green tea fresh and keep it free from microorganisms like molds, bacteria and mildew, which are potential risks for the health. Improperly stored green tea will have altered taste and aroma.  The best way to store green tea is to put it in a dark, dry and airtight container in order to prevent moisture which facilitates microbial growth and flavor alteration. It must not also be kept inside the refrigerator or freezer since it will just moisten up the green tea and change its taste. Keep it away from heat or direct light sources since green tea is photosensitive. Be a wise consumer too. Carefully inspect the tea boxes properly before paying for it. It must have an intact package and it must not be damaged, dirty or damp.


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