The Combined Powers of Noni and Green Tea

Many years ago, the term, Noni juice became very popular since there were a lot media features and press release about what they term as super fruit. This plant is readily available almost everywhere in Southeast Asia, which is why, when the news about its healing wonder came out, a lot of people concocted  their home made Noni Juice preparation and tried the concoction as a remedy to their existing health problems. There were also a lot of testimonials which served as evidence for the efficacy of this plant. However, as news continued to spread, there were also a lot of oppositions since there were people who negate about the alleged benefits of this plant. This creates confusion among the people in the community and just to be safe, they discontinue the use of Noni juice.

This contrasting opinion aroused the interest of scientific community to study Noni juice and unveil what’s within this very controversial plant. Due to the results of their studies, there was a rebirth of Noni juice and a lot of customers began to try this plant as adjunct to their dietary supplements. Noni juice is now popularly known as Polynesian food originating mainly from Tahiti and Hawaii. Noni juice is a tonic which is a part of traditional Polynesian culture. They used Noni juice preparation for various diseases, for they believe that it has curative properties. Noni plant can thrive even in worst terrains. In fact, it grows in areas where volcanoes erupted. Noni juice was given a Latin name, Morinda citrifolia. Literature would propose that the medicinal value of this plant was discovered 2000 years ago.  Noni is usually consumed in liquid form and it has a characteristic odor and bitter taste. Some of the Noni products available in the market has already been processed and sweetened to mask the original taste. Since pure, unaltered Noni juice taste is not really that pleasant, you can blend it with fresh fruit juice to make the taste tolerable. The benefits you can get are truly worth it.

Noni was traditionally used as a laxative as it was proven to aid in the elimination of waste. Once applied to skin, it also known to speed up repair of wounds due to burns. The claims of benefit have already been supplemented by various scientific studies. The many benefits of Noni juice was attributed to its main component, scopoletin.Results of the studies revealed that Noni extracts contains antifungal and antibacterial properties. Aside from the first two mentioned, Noni juice was proven to halt inflammatory processes in the body that gives rise to many other serious diseases. Lately, scientific studies also revealed that Noni extracts contains antioxidant properties. It even showed better antioxidant effects than extracts from grape seed.

Green tea (Camellia Sinensis) is a very popular beverage all over the world. Its popularity is so immense, that it was ranked as second to the universal solvent, water. It’s even more popular than a very famous brand coca-cola. Unlike Noni juice, green tea was accepted by greater number of population worldwide, since its use originated from China thousands of years ago. It has innumerable health benefits and nobody can argue to the efficiency of green tea in maintaining wellness and restoring health.  Much more scientific studies were conducted to supports green tea benefits. One of the most beneficial effects of consuming green tea is its antioxidants properties. It counteracts the free radicals in the body that causes array of diseases like cancer. Free radicals also speed up aging process by damaging the genetic material in the body.

Recent innovation showed that Green tea and Noni extracts can actually be combined in order to produce the greatest antioxidant benefits. Noni exerts a synergistic effect to the antioxidants in green tea, which means to say that it doesn’t only adds to the antioxidants in green tea, but rather, it multiplies the amount of antioxidants. One study conducted showed that Noni fruit contains 11mg/g antioxidants, while Green tea has 88mg/kg antioxidants. The combination of these two substances will unbelievably produce 400 mg of polyphenols, which is an antioxidant and 70 mg of polysaccharide, a complex sugar, per serving. It might be hard to believe, but it is amazingly true.  Greater antioxidant is of course more beneficial since there will a be a lot of molecule which scavenges on free radicals, thereby eliminating the risk in acquiring may types of diseases like cancer, hypertension and diabetes.

You might be intrigued by the tang of this combination, well, a lot of manufacturers made sure that not only the antioxidant are enhanced, but the taste as well.

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