Shed Off those Excess Pounds

with the Aid of Green Tea

In the modern society, those who are slim and skinny girls are labeled sexy and those who have large bulky muscles with six pack abs are the ideal physique for guys. In an effort to follow what was set in the society, a lot of people struggle in order to attain and maintain good physical characteristics. Going to gym became a trend as more and people, both men and women, exert effort in order to be in shape. Various dietary regimens were also recommended in order to prevent the accumulation of fat cells or shed off the extra fat from the body. However, these efforts are sometimes all in vain because the lifestyle, which includes diet, nature of work and activity level contradicts all the effects of diet and even exercise. Not all people can afford to go to the gym every day and eat a healthy diet, because of lack of time and opportunity to do so. Some people resort to taking diet pills, which known to produce harmful side effects. If there can only be a better alternative to these pills which could effectively eliminate all those adipose tissue. Well then, nature has the answer for your prayers. Studies showed that green tea intake can actually be an effective and safe way in order to keep the body fit. It does the effect by regulating the metabolism in the body. Metabolism refers to the rate in which the system burns the food we eat in order to fuel the body. The result of green tea for weight loss might be a gradual process, but it will definitely work, especially if you religiously drink tea daily. As to the amount needed to be taken ,recommendation of experts vary, but most of them agree that  3-5 green tea cups daily can produce optimal weight loss results. Without cutting off calories or exercise sessions, drinking green tea can burn up to 70 extra calories per day. A study published in the American Journal of clinical nutrition stated that intake of green tea extracts increased metabolic rate by 4%. This result is attributed to the presence of Catechins particularly EGCG, the main antioxidant in green tea leaf. When you eat up fatty foods, green tea hinders the absorption of fats contained in the foods so that it will not be absorb by the body. Green tea also regulates blood glucose level, so that less amount of sugar, which is later converted to fat, can be stored in the body. Some people find it hard to lose weight because of their voracious appetite. They simply can’t resist any food available in their table. The good news is that, drinking green tea suppresses appetite and produces satiety so that less food can be taken. Substituting green tea to morning coffee habit is also a wise step in order to shed off the excess pound. Staying fit and healthy body is not only pleasant for the eyes, but the same time, it will also boost your confidence level, making it easier for you to deal with other people and other events in your life. Green tea will not only make you look good, but also feel good.


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