Age Gracefully by Drinking Green Tea

Aging is an inevitable part of our life. Whether we like it or not, we will definitely reach a level where we are going to experience numerous psychological and physiologic changes which will greatly affect our level of functionality. Some of the changes associated with aging includes decline in functionality, which means, lesser ability to perform activities of daily living, like eating, bathing, dressing and other activities which allows one to survive each day. This is attributed to the fact that there were already certain bodily changes due to the effects of illnesses like stroke, osteoporosis and even cognitive decline.

Despite of the fact that we cannot elude aging, it is also true that we have a choice if we want to age gracefully. We can still maintain the optimum levels of functionality by just considering several factors that greatly affects aging process. Many people may not be aware, that surrounding ourselves with our family and friends, or simply socialization somehow affects aging process. If you are aging under the care of your family or if you socialize well, you can expect to have better aging outcome than those who are isolated or alone. Lifestyle also affects aging process. Those who have active lifestyle and keep their body moving despite the advancement in age will remain fit and healthy, in contrast to those who just opt to stay in bed the whole day just because they can already feel the deterioration in health as an effect of aging. Those who do not engage themselves in unhealthy activities like excessive smoking and alcohol drinking are less likely to develop multitude of diseases associated with these vices.

Diet also plays a key role in maintaining functionality. Healthy diet is said to be associated with lesser disability. Those who consumed more fruits, vegetables, and fish have longer lifespan and have high quality of life even if they are already considered as part of the elderly population. According to many studies conducted recently, they concluded that the risk of functionality is inversely proportional to green tea consumption. Results of the study revealed that only 7% of those who drink more than five cups of green tea a day will develop disability, while 13% will develop functional disability among those who are consuming green tea at a lower rate.

Green tea has favorable effect not only to one system or organ of the body, but rather to the overall health and wellness, which is why experts promote and encourage the use of green tea as a daily beverage.  Green tea was also proven to have beneficial effects to cognitive functioning.  Many elderly members of the population tend to develop dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. According to the scientists from England, substances in green tea extract fight hydrogen peroxide and beta amyloid, substances which greatly contributes to brain degeneration. Green tea is widely known to have neuroprotective properties, which is why it also stops the development of dementia.

The effects of green tea to health, particularly among the elderly members of the population are well documented. Outcomes of various research studies show that green tea can enhance health; however, one should not wait to reach the advance age before drinking green tea and attain its benefits. One should start, tea drinking habit as early as possible, because greater benefits can be achieved then. If you are not yet a tea drinker, then you are encouraged to start the habit now, not tomorrow. Just remember that you will be doing it for your benefits. Green tea is not just a fad; its benefits are grounded from various scientific investigation. Its safety and efficacy has long been established, so not to worry about its bad effects to your health.


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