A Toast to Life

A Cup of Green Tea for Timeless Beauty

Life was designed by nature in such a way that human can have choice for anything. They can choose to be healthy, they can choose to be rich, and they can choose to be happy; they always have a choice for everything, except for getting old. This period of human development is inevitable, eventually everyone will get old. Aging refers to physiologic, behavioral and likewise social changes affecting one’s life. There were already established psychosocial and biological theories for aging, as scholars attempt to document and arrest this crucial period of human development.  Psychosocial theories include disengagement theories, activity theory and continuity theory while the biological theories are the wear and tear theory, the rate of living theory, autoimmune theory, waste theory, collagen theory, endocrine theory and the genetic theory. The genetic theory is one of the controversial theories and has been a subject for recent scientific studies, as they try to study the DNA and correlate it to the aging process. They are also looking for formula in either halting or reversing the path that leads to geriatric stage.

The antidote for aging remained elusive to human beings for so many years. In their effort to maintain a youthful look, many resort to invasive and often harmful surgical procedures in order to tuck the sagging skin and receive Botox injections to erase the fine lines that are starting to appear as an evidence for their increasing age. Millions of dollars were also spent each year for various anti-aging products offered in the market. Little did they know that the answer they’re looking for is just around. The nature prepared it especially for them and they have discovered its usage centuries ago. In his book, a monk named Eisai, identified tea as a miraculous drink and an “elixir which generate sanctuary of immortality”. This maxim has already been proven scientifically, as there were already studies conducted in order to give rationale for the purported benefits of green tea.

Due to the recent innovations in medical technology, the ageing population continues to grow all over the world. Their increasing number fuelled the interest of scientists from the prestigious Harvard University to look for remedies that could further eliminate the factors that speeds up age related degeneration and at the same time to maintain the general well being despite the advancement in age. They were able to successfully identify the instigating factor that drives aging in the form of an enzyme, Telomerase. As person gets old, the telomerase starts to shortened and age associated physiological changes will then start to appear. Appearance of gray hair, decreasing physical strength and susceptibility to illness are just some of the unwanted but unavoidable consequences of aging.  These are also the reasons why some people don’t entertain the idea of getting old soon. On the course of their study, researchers were able to detect that telomeres can actually be repaired, hence implying that aging, cannot just be arrested, but at the same time, can be reversed. This result created a bright light for those who want to maintain their youthful glow, for those who wants to age gracefully and for those who wants to achieve longevity. Telomerase served to protect the telomeres from wearing out, keeping it well and healthy.

Green tea was given a pseudonym virgin tea, because unlike other tea, it did not went through a process of fermentation. The tea leaves were brewed immediately after harvest, which is why the greatest amount of the most sought antioxidant that gives endless benefit to human health was retained. Upon extensive studies, there were a lot of chemicals extracted from a single tea leaf, among which includes theanine, caffeine, vitamin C, tannins, and of course the catechins, with EGCG as the most important and powerful type of antioxidant.  According to a Japanese study, green tea slows down aging process more effectively than vitamin E. EGCG scavenge all the free radicals both from exogenous and endogenous origin, that causes body cell to age faster. The polyphenols in green tea helps the body fights oxidative stress, a significant cause of biological aging. A lot of studies could substantiate that green tea will retard degeneration due to aging by just regularly consuming antioxidant rich food like fruits, vegetables and green tea.

Green tea was known to improve overall bodily function, including the brain and brain functions. Green tea is a neuroprotectant that is known to shield the brain cells from any forms of damage. One of the main problems in aging is both short and long term memory loss, due to atrophy and degeneration of neurons. Green tea was identified to improve neuronal communication thereby improving short term memory.  It also undo all the skin problems brought about by aging process like wrinkles, fine line and other skin lesions, making the person  feel and look younger. A daily cup of tea will make the skin hydrated making it look moisturized.  It works not only outside of the body, but most especially it targets specific cells that make up the body. Green tea has now been included in the lists of ingredients in making beauty and cosmetic products due to its promising benefits.

As the saying goes, we are what we eat. The Mantra of youth and healthy ageing relies on a healthy and nutritious diet, including of course green tea as a beverage. The overall lifestyle and healthy living must be observed. Today’s society was already used to processed food and stressful lifestyle and it’s not yet too late to make a change. Change starts with a single step, which might be accomplished by just consuming a cup of green tea and surely, everything will just follow.


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