Green Tea versus Cancer

Immune system plays a very significant role in protection, as they serve as internal soldiers guarding the body against any form of diseases; and there is not only one, but rather, a lot of these soldiers due to a rapid evolution and adaptation of the pathogens inside the body. Immunity can also be acquired by synthetic process like vaccination or through nutrition and diet. Specific fruits and vegetables contain substances that can boost the immune system. Green tea as part of the diet is now proven to promote a healthy immune system.

Sadly, many people tend to overlook their immune system. Because of their busy lifestyle and hectic schedule, they already are neglecting their physical wellbeing. They don’t a consume balanced diet, they don’t have enough rest and sleep, they don’t have adequate physical activities and they are also exposed to many environmental factors like pollution. Stress added up to all of these disease causing things. All of these activities depress the immune system making the person susceptible to many pathogens, causing diseases that range from simple colds and flu up, to the deadly cancer.

The diagnosis of cancer is always, a devastating news, especially if the cancer has been diagnosed at a later stage where there is a very small chance of survival and very low cure rate. There is a greater chance to eliminate cancer cells in the body if it was diagnosed earlier, however, some forms of cancer is asymptomatic and will just manifest the signs and symptoms at the latter stage where it is already deadly.

The good news is, there has been studies conducted, linking green tea in the prevention and treatment of many types of cancer. Unlike other types of teas, green tea is processed in a way that preserves most of the chemicals in it. These extracted substances are proven to have anti- cancer properties and scientific studies have been conducted clinically to support this fact.

One of the Polyphenols isolated from green tea leaves is the Catechin group and the most important among the group is EGCG or epigallocatechin-gallate; a very potent antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals, preventing and reducing their possible damage to the body. Free radicals alter the DNA of the body, leading to the development of fast growing, abnormal cancer cells.

Both in- vitro and human trials have been conducted and indicated that green tea acts like chemotherapy, killing cancer cells and inhibiting its growth, but unlike chemotherapy, EGCG in green tea does not affect the normal cells. It kills the cancer cells by starving, as it limits the growth of blood vessel surrounding them.

Another substance extracted from green tea is Theanine. A study on 2003 revealed that it enhances the T cells, a bridge between the two types of immunity, innate and adaptive. Theanine boosted production of T- cells by up to five times.

Recent experiments found that green tea extracts can decrease the risk of skin cancer. According to the journal, archives of Dermatology by the American Medical Association, application of green tea to a skin exposed to UV rays significantly decreased inflammation and leukocyte production. Leukocyte is a marker for skin cancer. They recommended four to five cups of green tea daily to produce the desired effect.

Breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer afflicting not only female, but also male groups of the population. Research found out that consumption of green tea prevents growth and metastasis of cancer cells, particularly at the earlier stages. It also shrinks the tumor’s volume and weight. Green tea is a powerful weapon in decreasing the risk of acquiring breast cancer.

Experts from Taiwan said that green tea may offer some protection for the development of lung cancer, both for smokers and non-smokers, especially for the group that carries a specific gene types. A recent investigation of 22 studies revealed a significant correlation between increased tea consumption and lung cancer reduction, by almost 18 percent.

Different studies were also conducted in the past years and showed that green tea and its derivatives are actually helpful in the prevention of colorectal cancers. Earlier study was conducted in mice infused with a standardized Polyphenon E preparation from green tea and the results showed that this diet significantly lessened the potential development of colon cancer by up to 50 percent. A study conducted to humans proposed that green tea has protective power over colorectal cancer, especially to women groups, in particular to those who drank more than five cups of tea a day. Another report showed that it significantly inhibited the development of new tumor in the large intestines by decreasing the early carcinogenesis biomarker in the form of beta-catenin making the colon literally “cancer proof”.

Outcome of an epidemiological study suggested that use of green tea as a beverage is inversely related to the progress of esophageal cancer. It harvests the cancer cells without damaging the healthy tissue adjacent to the tumor, although there are also studies that contradict this result. Further studies are still conducted to further find proof and support previous studies.

There are also people suffering from other types of cancer that finds relief in green tea intake, including those who are distressed with bladder cancer, ovarian cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer and stomach cancer. The benefits they get are really life changing as it increases their survival rate and even erases their tumors, especially the tumor diagnosed at the earliest stage.


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