Green Tea offers Hope for Smokers

Are you a smoker, or do you know someone who smokes? You may be aware how hard it is to quit smoking. You may have tried many times to stop your bad habit, just to find yourself lighting another stick of cigarette. Despite of extensive campaigns against cigarette smoking, many people are still hooked in this habit, and despite of all their efforts, they will still go back to smoking again and again. Cigarette smoke contains addictive substances, particularly Nicotine making it hard for a person to stop, once he already started smoking. It somehow produces an effect which makes the person psychologically and physically dependent on the habit. So, maybe the best remedy against smoking is, never try it in the first place. According to world health organization, around one third of the adult male population smokes. The horrific killer smoking habit takes ten precious lives every day. Every year, thousands of people died of lung cancer due to smoking or second hand smoking. Scary, right? Well, if you’re not really that scared and don’t really want to quit smoking, scientist found a way on how to at least lessen the bad effects of smoking in you health, particularly lung cancer.


Proper medical attention, psychological guidance as well as self motivation are the best ways to beat smoking. While recovering from smoking or if you really cannot quit smoking, one of the best and easiest ways to at least reduce the ill effects of smoking is to drink green tea. You might be raising your brows now, but why not give it a try. There are scientific evidences showing the benefits of green tea to smokers. According to a study conducted in Taiwan, green tea extracts is capable of inhibiting formation of new tumors. As you know, tumor or uncontrolled cellular growth is almost synonymous to cancer. Although genetic still dictates if a person will develop cancer or not, green tea intake also significantly affects the development of lung cancer among the participants of the study. What is in green tea which helps reduce your risk against cancer? Have you ever heard of antioxidants? Antioxidants are substances that reduce oxidative damage of the cells and protecting it from damage against free radicals from the food you eat, pollutants from your environment and of course from the cigarette you smoke. Green tea is particularly rich in these antioxidants. It will work for your body from the time you start a cup and of course, you will achieve greater benefits if you will drink it religiously daily, after all, it’s just as easy as pie to brew a tea. Aside from cancer, there are still numerous diseases associated with green tea, because it contains thousands of products which are known to be harmful for the body. Green tea will not only protect you from cancer, but from other diseases as well. Risks for cardiovascular diseases and other forms of cancer brought about by cigarette smoking are significantly lowered with daily green tea intake. You can’t deny the fact that cigarette smoking produces bad breath. Green tea, aside from antioxidants, also contains antibacterial properties which will inhibit the growth of bacteria causing bad breath. It also acts as deodorizer leaving your breath fresh. It’s time for you to do something, to counteract the bad effects of smoking. Love your body and drink green tea.


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