Fight Flu with Green Tea

Its flu season once again and flu viruses start to proliferate one more time. Of course, you are looking forward not to be infected, because though simple, this condition will affect your daily functioning and your productivity. One of the proven and effective ways on how to combat the worrisome flu and its signs and symptoms is thru vaccination. The flu viruses have the capability to mutate every year, so it only means to say, that you also need to get a shot, every year. Not everybody loves injection and everyone doesn’t want to catch flu neither, so which one is the lesser evil? Perhaps, the flu shots, but what if you’re really scared of needles and injections? Is there a better way on how to make your immunity stronger in fighting flu and other related diseases?


The scientific community is getting serious regarding its quest to look for better alternatives on how combat flu. One of the best options they found is the use of green tea extracts, which is proven to boost the immune system making it more capable of fighting harmful microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria and fungi that causes array of diseases. There were studies which proved that green tea can actually fight certain types of cancer and other immune deficiency diseases, because it contains antioxidants which acts to fight against free radicals that suppresses the function of the immune system. The anti- oxidant in green tea is proven to be of superior quality so it provides most of the benefits. According to the result of a study published in Journal of the American College of Nutrition, green tea users experienced lesser health effects from flu resulting to fewer sick days. They also found out that green tea increases the activity of the immune system by increasing production of cells that fight against harmful microorganisms that causes flu to occur. Children are not spared from contracting flu, and maybe, they are as twice as scared as adults in receiving flu shots. The good news is green tea is a great and safe flu relief both for adults and paediatric population, particularly pre-schoolers and children in school age. Are you worried about the caffeine content? The reality is you can minimize the caffeine content in green tea by just preparing it properly, without losing all the much needed antioxidants. Another option is to use decaffeinated green tea. Your children can have doses of antioxidants without worrying about the jittery effects of caffeine.


According to result of another study, green tea consumption can reduce the risk of contracting flu by up to 75 percent. EGCG, the major Catechin in green tea was found to suppress activity of flu virus by attaching to the hemagglutinin of the virus making it less capable of binding to receptor cells, thus infection will not occur. Another explanation provided why green tea is such a potent and superior alternative to flu vaccine is that, it contains L-theanine, an amino acid that stimulates production of T-lymphocytes that helps the body fight any invading and harmful bacteria.

Substituting green tea to flu vaccines may not be that accepted yet, but the healing wonders of green tea is unquestionable, if it was a proven effective against cancer, then why not to flu. You will not lose anything by trying this alternative healing technique, but rather, you will gain a lot, since green tea provides advantageous effects on almost all the systems and organs in the body.


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