Addressing your Safety Concerns


Green tea leaves has been brewing ever since time immemorial. The Chinese progenitors of green tea simply pluck green tea leaves dry it and boil it with water in a tea pot, in order to make a cup of edible and rejuvenating tea. The tea did not undergo any forms of chemical processing that can alter the taste and natural substances locked in the leaves. For this reason, they were able to get most of the benefits from tea. Green tea provided dramatic beneficial effects to their health which is why, they carried the tradition and made sure that their next generation will continue to use this guaranteed safe and effective beverage. They became successful in making green tea known all over the world, because currently, green tea is one of the most popular, but also controversial drinks in the entire planet.  Despite of the safety level established by time, there are still a lot of people who may show concerns about the safety level of green tea. One of the components in green tea is caffeine. Everybody is aware that caffeine increases alertness and attentiveness, which is why, caffeine based drink is best taken early in the morning, rather than before going to bed. Same rule applies to green tea; though green tea is known to have lower caffeine levels than coffee and at the same time, green tea extracts also contain tannins which somehow soften the effect of caffeine in green tea making it less potent. Green tea must also be prepared correctly to make sure that less caffeine is released in the drink. Follow the recommendation of the manufacturer, however, the general rule is, don’t let the tea leaves steep in for long period of time, because it will make the drink more concentrated and it only means that more caffeine can be contained in your cup. The safety level of green tea to pregnant and lactating women hasn’t been established yet, although, some literature says that moderation is always the key. As long as you don’t drink excessive green tea, then everything will be just fine. According to a study about the pharmacokinetics and safety level of green tea extracts, the results established that green tea intake is guaranteed safe for healthy individuals. Those who have existing disease condition and are currently taking medication must seek the professional advice from their physicians since green tea potentially causes drug interaction which may results to harmful effects. There’s no question about the benefits of green tea, since many studies can attest to it, however, it’s still much better to stay on the safe side.

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